You’re here because you have a kid. Or you know a kid. Or you are a kid. That last one totally sums me up.

You’ve looked online and you’ve wandered through stores, and you’re totally tired of crap that takes six weeks to come from China. You want something fun but different. Classy but silly. I get it.

Hey, I’m Jocelyn.

I’m a graphic designer…um, nope. Scratch that. I’m a graphic ARTIST. I don’t make logos and I don’t make websites. I spend all day dreaming up super fun designs that work for both the kiddos and the parents. You know those kid movies that have hidden parent jokes, so that you don’t stab yourself in the eye by the end of the 90 minutes? Well that’s totally my jam, and exactly what I do - but in art form. I want the kids to see a bunny and love the bunny. I want the parents to notice the dishes match the birthday sign.

But this is my world (where I eat cake for breakfast btw), so sometimes I just want to create something cute. No meaning. Just whatever came out of my brain at that moment. So you will also find designs that are just silly and quirky and created for no particular reason at all. Because I roll like that. Sometimes I’m sophisticated and sometimes I’m downright ridiculous. But aren’t we all?


I’m all about adding personality to your decor. Whimsy to your boring. Silly to your stuffy. So I’m always up for doing something custom and creative. Nobody wants the same sh*t you saw in a home magazine, and you definitely won’t find that here. Because that magazine photo doesn’t pan out to show the 4-year-old smearing peanut butter on the walls and the 3-month-old crying in the playpen. Real people have real kids who fuss and poop and cry and puke. And your kid's stuff should be real too.

Because when you're surrounded by fun and happy kid's accessories, it makes it just that little bit easier to get up at 2 a.m. and clean up vomit.

Am I right? Click this way.